Same Day Crowns

Same day dentistry - Sparta, NJThere is an advanced system being used by only a handful of New Jersey dentists to create crowns for patients while they wait. A process that takes two weeks at other dentists, takes only 2.5 hours at Mohawk Dental. Our patients love their same day crowns!

The process starts the same way it used to: the area is numbed and the dentist shapes your tooth for the new crown. However, instead of taking a messy impression, the dentist now uses a scanner to create a three-dimensional image on a computer screen.

After your new crown is designed by the dentist, it is milled right in the office from a solid block of porcelain. When the crown is ready, the dentist bonds it into place. It is an amazing technology that we are lucky to provide to our patients, at no extra cost to them.

[testimonial author=”Byron B.”]I can now chew on a tooth that has been giving me problems for the last twenty years and the whole procedure took less than several hours.[/testimonial]