Emergency Care

The doctors at Mohawk Dental are here for you when you have a dental emergency. If you have an emergency or are experiencing pain during office hours, please call us at (973) 729-3700 or fill out our Appointment Request form. We will make sure to find time in our schedule to have a doctor see you. If you have an after-hours dental emergency, please call (973) 729-3700 and follow the prompts. Messages are checked regularly, and you will be contacted and seen by one of our doctors as soon as possible.

Dental emergency care at Mohawk Dental may include:

  • Treatment of tooth or jaw pain
  • Treatment of swelling of the face or jaw
  • Restoration of fractured teeth
  • Restoration of broken or lost fillings
  • Cementing of loose crowns and bridges
  • Denture adjustment and repair
  • Treatment of trauma to the face and teeth
  • Treatment of sore or bleeding gums