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Do you take my dental insurance?

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Mohawk Dental / Do you take my dental insurance?

If you have a PPO plan then yes, we accept your insurance! If you have a DMO plan or Medicaid then no, we do not.

What sets our office apart is that unlike most offices in Sparta, we are not contracted with any insurance company. What does that mean for you? Not much, you probably won’t even notice a difference. It does mean that your insurance company may pay us a little more than if you saw an in-network dentist, which is why they try to push you to see an in-network dentist! The truth is, we don’t believe we can provide the highest level of care if we allow insurance companies to underpay us for the superior care we provide.

Will my cleaning still be free? Yes, your insurance should still pay 100% of your cleanings and exams. Patients may actually pay less out of pocket for treatment at our office than at an in-network dentist. Contracted dentists have to charge a copay and are not allowed to write if off (it’s in their contract). Insurance companies want patients to see someone in-network because it saves them money, that’s why they have convinced everyone that in-network is better!

So how do you know if you can use your benefits here? Just call and ask – (908)955-3500. Michael will be able to answer all of your questions, he’s been working with insurance companies for a very long time!

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